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Bubai Metro Interior

Dubai Opens New Automatic Metro

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The first “Red Line” subway of 52 kilometers was launched in Dubai on September 9. The trains are equipped with a unique control system and will run in automatic mode.

The railway route connects the Rashid and Jebel Ali areas as reported There are 29 intermediate stations on this line, passing along the road of Sheikh Zayed, including Internet City, Burj Dubai, Dubai International Financial Center, Emirates Towers, World Trade Center, and Terminal-3 Dubai International Airport.

Dubai Metro is the most modern railway system with automatic control, the first of its kind in the Middle East. The design of stations perfectly combines the traditions of Dubai Heritage and the modern trend.

Metro is built in compliance with all international safety standards. Rolling stocks with a capacity of 643 passengers consist of five parts: a “golden car” and four “silver cars”, each of 18m length.

Passengers of the first “golden cars”, equipped only with 18-S wide leather seats, will be able to enjoy a luxurious interior in a light blue color, as well as the panoramic views through the windshield.The interior of “silver cars” is made in blue and green colors.

Bubai Metro Interior
Bubai Metro Interior
Bubai Metro InteriorFor the convenience of passengers video and audio system is running in the subway cars making alerts along the route. All cars have special places for children and women, as well as for persons with disabilities.

High standards of comfort are met at the Dubai “Subway” stations. Passengers will be able to wait for the train in the cool, which will be provided by the air conditioning system.

Meanwhile, on 9 September only 10 stations had been put into operation. All remaining stations will be opened by February 2010, says chairman of the Office of Roads and Transport in Dubai Mattar al-Tair.

Now Dubai has all for the tourism. The authorities expect that the unique transport system in Dubai will attract crowds of tourists, and will facilitate development in this sense, the incoming tourism of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This was announced by the Emir assistant of Dubai, Sheikh Maktoum bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. However, the tourist industry experts doubt that even a super-modern subway can become the main attraction, which itself will attract tourists.
Bubai Metro Interior
Bubai Metro Interior
Bubai Metro Interior
Bubai Metro InteriorHowever Podaras doubts that someone deliberately chooses Dubai, rather than the Egyptian Sharm el-Sheikh to see the local “subway”.

However, experts believe that the Tourist Industry will now also benefit greatly. Travelers will be able to get to the hotel in comfort and without any crush.

“Our guests will enjoy the trip without any clashes, and avoid the traffic jams,” – said the director of the hotel Suitehotel & Ibis Mall of the Emirates Nicola Hohgruber. This especially concerns those hotels that are near subway stations.

However, these benefits of the tourist industry in terms of the work of station do not end up. Experts expect the rapid development of business and corporate tourism, for which the availability of transport infrastructure is a key factor.

“Metro will contribute to the organization (in Dubai) international forums” – assures the consultant in the field of tourism, leisure and hospitality industry of the company, Deloitte Rob O’Hanlon.

According to him, Dubai has long before become an attractive place for tourists. And the only unresolved issue remains the question of passenger transportation. The construction of the metro ambitious project to create a modern tourist center can be considered complete. “This is – one of the last pieces of a puzzle, a certificate of completion of the project”, – added O’Hanlon.


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