Sunday, 3 July 2011

Dubai City Buildings

DUBAI - A Dubai-based consortium is among four groups interested in acquiring NBA franchise the Detroit Pistons, U.S. daily The Detroit News reported on Saturday.
The newspaper did not give any details about the Dubai-based consortium, but named the other three bidders as sports franchise owner Mike Ilitch, Houston businessman George Postolos and Beverly Hills billionaire Tom Gores.
The Pistons are valued at about $475 million, The Detroit News said, but questioned whether the price tag is realistic given the tough economy.
NBA legend Magic Johnson, a Michigan native, has expressed interest in being part of the Pistons ownership group and has held talks with interested parties, The Detroit News said.
The Pistons have won three NBA Championships in the franchise’s history, including back-to-back wins in 1989 and 1990 and another in 2004.

Dubai City Building
Dubai City Building
Dubai City Building
Dubai City Building
Dubai City Building
Dubai City BuildingThe National Football League in the United States is currently expanding overseas, just as the World of International Soccer is growing in the US. Soon there will be a European Team in the NFL and there are secret talks right now in Dubai to produce a team there as well. The Islamic Football Team in Dubai, will soon show all the world and especially the greatest nation ever created in the History of Mankind, that the Muslim World is not weak.
The Dubai Consortium being put together now, has plenty of money to recruit the greatest athletes around the world and throughout the Middle East to put together one very hard to beat team. Is the United States of America ready to lose it's strangle hold on Football? Can the US Football Fan handle being beaten by Dubai or a team in Europe? Football is not a hard sport to learn and the human talent needed to win is common amongst all people of the World.
Speed, agility, strength, pre-cognition and will are possessed by humans around the globe. Soon, there will be an announcement that there will be a new Islamic Football Team in Dubai, as the NFL is about to Expand. Dubai will soon have the tallest building in the world, the finest resorts and perhaps the greatest football team that has ever stepped foot on the field, playing in a World Class Stadium, and the likes of which have not been seen since the Roman Coliseum. So tell me, football fans, are you ready for that?


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