Sunday, 3 July 2011

Dubai Hotel Burj Al Arab

Dubai has become famous for many things. Real Estate is of course one of these things, but tourism too has played a large part in Dubai’s popularity. Many people see Dubai as a wealthy and extravagant city that is dripping with money, and no where encapture this better than Dubai’s many luxury hotels. Tourism is a big deal in Dubai, with people from all around the world coming to witness the rapid transformation of Dubai into a world class holiday destination. With Dubai’s white beaches, blue water and day after day of sunshine, Dubai has all the starting ingredients of a good holiday destination. Add in some of the best entertainment and shopping anywhere and things really start to look promising. But it is Dubai’s hotels where things really start to excel.

It’s certainly arguable that Dubai’s luxury hotels set the way for the groundbreaking real estate projects that were to follow. And no where showcases Dubai’s desire not only to be the best but to also set new standards in luxury than the Burj Al Arab. The hotel is instantly recognizable to people all around the world. Its unique design and 7 stars reputation means it is regarded by many as the best hotel in the world. A spectacular location out on its own island in the sea, plus stunning external and internal design on top of unsurpassed levels of service means that lose lucky enough to stay here will want for nothing.

Dubai Hotel Burj Al ArabBut Dubai hotels are more than just the Burj Al Arab. Just opposite the Burj Al Arab stands another landmark hotel, the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Regarded as one of the best resort hotels in the world, this is one hotel it is impossible to miss. Built with blue glass in the shape of a wave, the Hotel is certainly one of the best looking hotels around. And for those still searching for luxury, but with a slightly more Arabic flavor, then Mina Al Salam just down the road should certainly meet your needs. All these hotels have a few things in common, luxury being the first and very high prices being the second. Hotel prices in Dubai have risen considerably these last few years, yet you won’t find many vacant rooms. However not everyone wants to have to pay big money for a hotel room. And Dubai whilst having the luxury hotel market well and truly covered, still has plenty of more economical hotels for those on a budget.


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